Scenes of Media Theater

10.-13.07.2018 //
International Workshop

Throughout the last five semesters, the works developed and presented in the Medientheater at Humboldt-Universität (HU) have taken a radically open perspective. Rather than being based on a predefined notion of “media theater” they have repeatedly raised a question: What could “media theater” be(come)?

This question is now being addressed in the ongoing collaboration of the Medientheater and the Cinema and Arts Spaces at Universidade de São Paulo (USP). The project started in March 2018 with workshops in Porto Alegre and São Paulo, and continues this July with a workshop in Berlin. Within our joint research we are examining the variety of insights that remain inaccessible to purely theoretical forms of research, but can be gained from an artistic involvement with the culture and technology of historical and contemporary media.


L come Alice – A Steampunk Videodrama

Dienstag, 14.06.2016 //
Video Performance by Guiseppe Gatti (Director) and Laura Garofoli (Actress)

“L come Alice” (L for Alice) is an independently-produced show for the stage combining live performance and video projection by the Italian performing and media arts company Garofoli/Nexus. Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking Glass”, “L come Alice” explores the multiple characters that Alice has embodied through different ages and different media. Electric animals, malicious devices, fantasmagorias and stage traps produce an original steampunk wonderland in which Alice is intertwined – lost among photography, videogames, cinema and poetry.